Class JsonDateTimeConverter

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    public class JsonDateTimeConverter
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements org.bson.json.Converter<java.lang.Long>
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      (package private) static java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter DATE_TIME_FORMATTER  
      private static org.slf4j.Logger LOGGER  
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      void convert​(java.lang.Long value, org.bson.json.StrictJsonWriter writer)  
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      • LOGGER

        private static final org.slf4j.Logger LOGGER

        static final java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter DATE_TIME_FORMATTER
    • Constructor Detail

      • JsonDateTimeConverter

        public JsonDateTimeConverter()
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      • convert

        public void convert​(java.lang.Long value,
                            org.bson.json.StrictJsonWriter writer)
        Specified by:
        convert in interface org.bson.json.Converter<java.lang.Long>